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Through this Cookies Policy we inform you that Insud Pharma uses a technology called “Cookies” with the purpose of facilitating users’ navigation and providing them information during their use of our website (hereinafter, the “Website”).

In Insud Pharma we fulfil with the privacy and electronic communications regulation and in particular with those provisions related to the use of Cookies. Users will be able to find in this Cookies Policy information related to the types of Cookies that we use, the purpose for their use and the different options for managing or deleting them. If you require additional information on Cookies that are used on the Website, please contact by email

What are cookies?

A Cookie is a file that may be stored on your computer or mobile device with the purpose of storing data that may be updated and recovered by the company responsible for its installation, this is Insud Pharma. This may include pages you have visited, choices you have made from menus, any specific information you have entered forms and the time and date of your visit. Depending on their use and content, cookies may be used to recognize the user.

What types of cookies do we use and for what purpose?

When navigating through our Website, users are using cookies from Insud Pharma and from third parties. Third party cookies are those that are managed by service providers external to Insud Pharma. Our Website uses the following Cookie types:

  • Technical and Preferences: These Cookies are required to allow users to use different options or services offered on the Website. If these Cookies are disabled, you will not be able to properly receive our contents or services. Depending on the duration of these Cookies, they may be classified as:
    • Login Cookies are designed to collect and store data while the user accesses the Website. They are usually used in the context of the provision of a service requested by the user on a single occasion.
    • Permanent Cookies or persistent cookies are data files capable of providing services and navigation with user preferences, settings and information for future visits previously confirmed on the Website. Persistent cookies provide convenient and rapid access to familiar objects, which enhances the user experience.
  • Analytics and Social Cookies: these Cookies are used to tracking and analysing user’s behaviour. If these Cookies are disabled, the Website will continue functioning, notwithstanding the information collected by these Cookies allows us to improve our Website and services provided.

This website collects user information through the installation of the following cookies in the User’s hard drive. The information stored in the cookies does not personally identify nor do they store confidential information, such as the users' email address, name, phone number, etc.

When navigating this website, the following cookies are used

Cookie Type



Additional Information


These Cookies are essential to improve your navigation experience and the proper functioning of our Website.

The Cookies are essential for remembering previous settings, so you do not have to reconfigure them every time you visit us.

Insud Pharma

Assisting with information technology and security programs which may involve retaining information on malware threats detected.

Recording privacy and cookie preferences of users.

Implementing security measures.


These Cookies are to remember user’s preferences and choices already made to personalise users’ experience of using the Website, as language, country or kind of browser used.

Insud Pharma

Enabling language or region settings Recording users’ preferences and specific settings of web browser


These Cookies collect information related to your navigation experience in our Website anonymously.

We can quantify how many visitors reach the Website or the most viewed contents.

Google Analytics

_ga; _gat; _gid;
Detailed Information about Google Analytics
Tracking visits to each page, source of traffic, and Website analysis.


Each social network uses its own cookies so that you can click on “Like” or “Share” buttons.

Facebook Instagram

Creating organic posts for Facebook and Instagram. Tracking clicks and engagement on organic posts and advertisements

When do you consent to the use of cookies?

When users reach our Website and before starting their navigation, they will be warned about the use of Cookies so that users can give their consent in relation to our Cookies Policy. If users do not accept the use of Cookies, they must stop navigating and leave the Website or follow the browser instructions to disable Cookies, as explained below.

Data protection and Cookies

Insud Pharma by automatically obtaining information from the Website through cookies may collect personal data from users, relating to their computer device, use of the Website or their patterns of behaviour. This information may include data concerning the language, keywords, date, time, how long the user spends on certain types of pages, IP address, advertising identifier, what section of the page the user has visited and similar information concerning the use of the Website. Insud Pharma may collect such information using cookies.

In this sense, regarding information that identifies or makes identifiable users, the provisions of the Privacy Policy shall apply. For any questions about how long we keep the personal data obtained through Cookies, or if users wish to exercise the rights of access, rectification, erasure or objection, they may consult the Privacy Policy or contact us at the following address

How may I disable and block cookies?

At any time, the user will be able to disable Cookies and continue navigating, although navigation will be limited and could be blocked at some point. The user may be able to block or disable them in the browser settings, which permits to reject the installation of all the Cookies or part of them. Most browsers allow the possibility of informing of the existence of Cookies or reject them automatically. If you reject Cookies, you will be able to continue using our Website, although some functionality will be limited negatively impacting on your experience in our Website.

In order to not being tracked by Google Analytics on the Website, visit the following link:

Unless Users have adjusted the settings of your browser, our systems will create Cookies when accessing to the Website and accept our Cookies Policy. Please note that all browsers allow the possibility of adjusting their settings for that matter.

In order to obtain more information related to the way of adjusting the settings of each browser, please visit the following links:

How may you revoke your consent?

Users will be able, at any moment, to revoke their consent related to use of Cookies, in order to do so users will have to delete all Cookies stored in their computer or mobile device through the settings menu of the Internet browser.

Nevertheless, we inform you that deleting or disabling Cookies may affect to the functionalities of our Services and limit the access to certain areas or functionalities provided through the Services.